Archery Pro Shop

Our shop features 6 indoor 20 yard lanes to allow you to test fire the latest bows and practice inside on a regular basis. Our Techno Hunt animated shooting system provides fun interactive practice and regular leagues where you get to shoot your gear at simulated hunting scenarios. We support our local archery club, The Lewis and Clark Archers and have memberships available in store. For any of your archery needs stop in and talk to Shaun, Kevin or Dan!

Expertise - Shaun Boese

Our archery shop manager Shaun Boese, from Deer Lodge, Montana finished in the top of his class at Hoyt University and is a pro in all bow work on any brand. He has built a loyal following of serious archers who count on him for the perfect tune and excellent set up.

Expertise - Andrew

Expertise - Tory


Archery Services

Full detail archery shop for all of your bow needs. Tuning, string replacement, shooting technique guidance, custom arrows, elk calling pointers and more can be done at our archery pro shop.

Archery Lanes

Our indoor archery lanes allow you to shoot your bow during the colder months. We have 6 lanes to accommodate groups. Lanes are also utilized for you to test out new bows and they give our staff the ability to help adjust your draw length and tune your shooting form.


This is a great interactive tool to practice before the season or use with a group of friends for a fun shooting competition one afternoon. Hunt game from all over the world including big and small game with your own bow! We offer a variety of TechnoHunt leagues through out the year.

Brands we are proud to offer