Gunsmith - repair & maintenance

Across the state, Montanan's have come to know and trust the expertise and abilities that our gun repair shop offers. From the beginning with the fine craftsmanship of Arnold Erhardt and his brother Dennis, to Al Charvat, and now Tyler Hansen and Jordan Perkins, we believe you will find the service we offer to be trustworthy, honest and top notch.

Expertise - Tyler Hansen

Tyler Hansen is from Afton, Wyoming. He graduated from the Colorado School of Trades Gunsmithing in 2013, smithed for 4 months in Colorado and then along with his wife Jaymie, packed up and headed for Helena, Montana! Tyler apprenticed under Arnold and Al's direction until they retired.
From custom fitting length of pull and a recoil pad, installing a muzzle brake, fitting a new barrel and bedding, or a complete custom rifle build our gunsmiths are very capable in taking care of your needs. We do all types of repair: from getting that old family favorite working again (most of the time!), to a complete functions check, or a professional cleaning on pretty much any firearm, young or old.