Fishing - Fly and lure

Since 1970 Capital Sports has built a reputation in Montana as a premier fishing gear outfitter. Our selection of top notch fly fishing gear, and spin fishing is specifically tailored for the needs of Montana anglers.


Expertise - Bart Bratlien

Bart Bratlien is a Helena native and a co-owner of Capital Sports. Bart spends almost all of his spare time out fishing, unless he is hunting, or snorkeling in Hawaii. If you need to know about fishing in Montana stop in and visit with Bart. Fly fishing, spin fishing, jigging, or any type of fishing-he can get you outfitted. As about a "Bart's Zonker", his own jig design that fish love to bite. Bart is also very keen with electronics from Garmin, In Reach and OnX Maps.

Expertise - Chris Bone

Chris Bone has been with us for 14 years. A Helena native, Chris is an avid fisherman and accomplished hunter. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of fishing, hunting, shooting, reloading, firearms and optics. Chris has earned a solid following of customers who rely on his expertise and recommendations.

Expertise - Jonathan Miller

Since Jonathan was a young boy he has been in the waters of Montana fishing. He has learned techniques for pike, bass, and walleye fishing over the years. It can take a diverse set of skills to find success, and Jonathan is more than eager to share those with locals! He is free time in the winter is almost entirely spent on the ice fishing the local lakes for walleye of course, but also kokanee and perch.It's a safe bet that if he's not working, you'll find Jonathan in the boat fishing or augering a hole in the winter. That being said, there's only one other thing that will pull him away from fishing: waterfowl hunting. Generally, it's safe to say that if it involves being on the water, Jonathan is interested.

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