Hiking Gear

Hike out your backdoor, Mount Helena or Mount Ascension. Hike the Continental Divide, the Blackfoot Meadows, the Elkhorns or Refrigerator Canyon! Any direction you go, we have wonderful hiking all around Helena. Start your outing in the middle of town at Capital Sports.

We offer all that you need for a comfortable, enjoyable and safe hike. Start with a map of the Helena trail system, the Elkhorn Wildlife Management Area, the Helena/Lewis and Clark National Forests or a local hiking book. Slip into some comfortable hiking socks from Smartwool or Darn Tough and then lace up the perfect hiking boot from Keen, Merrell, Crispi or Lowa. We have everything you need for a stroll in town or an adventure in the woods! And don't forget bear spray!

Why paying money for a good sock is well worth it.

Happy feet! One thing we know for sure...to get the most out of your outdoor experience you have to have comfortable, dry and happy feet. We are always searching for the best ways to make that happen. We recommend you start with a really good sock. A quality, well fitted sock will reduce hot spots and friction, wick moisture away from your foot, and make your hike all the better with no blisters.

Sock thickness and material play a key roll in finding the perfect sock. Merino wool is almost always a top option although there can be a need for a synthetic or cotton sock. Ask one of our sock experts what makes our socks so good and find out how to keep your feet happy!

What to bring on a hike

Hikers should always have a few basics with them wherever you go. If you are hiking one of the Mt Helena or Mt Ascension trails then you need appropriate clothing, good shoes, socks, water and a snack. Possibly bear spray.

If you are heading out into the woods you will want to consider adding a bit more gear: definitely bear spray, navigation-map, compass, gps etc., first aid, fire starter, headlamp or light, knife or multi-tool, sunscreen, bug repellent and sting eze, shelter- like an emergency blanket, sufficient food for energy, more water and clothing appropriate for changing weather. All of this should fit in a comfortable back pack or waist belt! And if you like, walking poles make for more stability and more upper body exercise.

Always let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.

Start with a map of the Helena trail system

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