In 2023, RMEF will recognize chapter accomplishments that took place in 2022, based on the same recognition and award categories from previous years. For 2023 fundraising efforts, we are excited to announce new categories and opportunities for RMEF chapters and states to be recognized for in 2024.

2023 Categories (to be recognized in 2024):


Do you hold an additional event outside of your normal big game banquet? Ladies night out events, gun bash/gun fest events and golf tournaments, among others, may all compete for the top-performing special event in 2023. Online raffles, online auctions or any other fundraising effort that does not include an in-person event does not qualify.


Chapters in this category will receive recognition for having the highest gross revenue in event sponsorship sales within the given year. Chapters may sell event sponsorships year-round and all sales within the given year apply to your chapter’s total.


New chapters hosting their first banquet or chapters that have not held a banquet since at least 2019 are eligible to compete in this category. To qualify, the banquets must also meet a minimum of $20,000 in banquet net revenue.

*In the above categories, 1st place chapters will receive a special award and 2nd & 3rd places will be recognized.


RMEF is operationally segmented into three geographical regions made up of states in the East, Southwest and Northwest. This new category will recognize the top three performing banquets (based on event net) within each geographic region. The top banquet in each region will receive a special award.


We hope this award spurs team unity within your state! Friendly rivalries between chapters can be fun and motivating, however it is important to remember that what states raise cumulatively determines what can be invested into RMEF’s mission the following year. This category recognizes the top three states within each RMEF region that have the highest net revenue generated through all fundraising efforts in the given year. First-place states in each region will receive a special award.


A new spin on a previous category will recognize chapters that raised at least $100,000 in net revenue through all chapter-based fundraising efforts in the given year. The top three chapters, or all chapters with “legendary” status (if there are more than three), will receive an award. All chapters reaching $100K club status will be recognized.

  • Royal Chapters: $100K-$150K
  • Imperial Chapters: $150K-$200K
  • Monarch Chapters: $200K-$250K
  • Legendary Chapters: $250K+

*Your regional director has access to the full detailed list of award and recognition categories, as well as additional definitions.  If you have any questions about our new awards and recognition program, do not hesitate to ask your regional director.

Thank you for answering the call to volunteer for RMEF’s mission!

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