The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation recently doled out grant funding for a North Carolina nonprofit.

“It was a good night for both organizations supporting each other,” said a post on the Hands of a Sportsman (HAOS) Facebook page. “The RMEF North Carolina and South Carolina chapters support our mission through grants for each state. We are grateful they put their donation dollars to work here at home with organizations like ours.”

HOAS seeks to help those less fortunate experience the outdoors again or for the first time. RMEF continued its support of the effort by presenting the organization with a check to help further that mission.

“I would like to personally thank the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for all the smiles, the hugs and the happy tears that we created the last three years on these hunts,” David Hinceman, HOAS founder, said in 2020. “You don’t know what that money has helped us do. When you have a testimonial how this hunt has changed people’s life, that’s a game changer.”

HOAS also won a RMEF Kimber 45 pistol that it will auction at its David Kiser Pheasant hunt in February.

Go to the Hands of a Sportsman Facebook page to see more information.

(Photo credit: Hands of a Sportsman)

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